Sedating cats for travel

Treat your cat with a prescription cat drug designed to calm and sedate cats and reduce motion sickness, one of the major causes of stress for cats during car travel.

The Merck Veterinary Manual recommends medications like chlorpromazine, phenobarbital and diazepam.

Pet owners can help their cats get used to both the carrier and the car to help remove the foreignness of the situation.

Repeat several days later, extending the travel time gradually until the cat is accustomed to long trips in the car.

Spray your car with a cat pheromone product before departing on your trip.

Preparing Ahead of Time Taking Your Cat on a Trip Community Q&A Most people do not relish the thought of bringing their cats with them on a vacation or on a road trip.

There are a few fearless felines that are not finicky about traveling, but for many cats, traveling and leaving their familiar surroundings can be sheer terror.

Cat's Arnold Plotnick, DVM, recommends these sprays to calm cats during car travel and to accustom them to stressful environments.

They are available through some pet stores and veterinary offices.These drugs are available from your vet, who can also determine the appropriate dosage for your cat's age and weight.Joshua Duvauchelle is a certified personal trainer and health journalist, relationships expert and gardening specialist.However, it is possible to travel with a cat without a huge amount of problems.The key is to the prepare ahead of time by acclimating your cat to travel gradually and preparing supplies well before the departure date. The article has given me some very useful tips and certainly gave us lots of things to prepare the cats so it will be easier, none of which we knew.Place the carrier in your cat's favorite room and put a towel or pet bed inside.


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