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(49 minutes) Click here to order Session 3: A Plan of Recovery - Just like "the force of addiction" had a plan of destruction, you must have a plan of recovery. I know this is bold to say, but I haven't ever seen anyone get long term freedom from sex addiction without it. In a marriage, we complain that our wives don't love us enough.

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We might also just think that we have a higher sex drive than others and this is still normal.

If you feel that you have a problem, there is help! How does one learn how to recover from the grip of addiction?

When one has had a hard time keeping up in life, it is easy to use one's sexuality, or rather misuse it to feel better.

The nature of addiction is for "it" to become central in one's life-to become a "dictator." Addiction comes from the Latin, - to the dictator. 1) Motivation-You've got to want it out of your life.

Everyone is in recovery from something: abuse, family dysfunction, depression, anxiety, grief, illness, trauma, relationships and/or addictions of alcohol, drugs, food, pornography, gambling, sex, and more.

Sometimes, we think that if we didn't have these problems in the marriage, we wouldn't "use" sex so much.

A home-based recovery program for sex addiction can save you some money and can get you started on the road to recovery.

It is not intended to replace professional counseling, but is about providing sound information that can be used to help you get started in recovery and/or a supplement to therapy.

Session 1: Getting Started - This coaching session will get you started in your recovery journey. Learn the difference between "getting control" of the addiction vs. What is sexual addiction and what is it doing to me? Techniques to help you gently get out of denial and see the whole picture.

We discuss the personality characteristics and defense mechanisms of any addiction and how they affect relationships.

I will share with you valuable steps towards getting free.

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