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The UNESCO TRAFFICKING STATISTICS PROJECT is a first step toward clarifying what we know, what we think we know, and what we don't know about trafficking." This chart (pdf file) from the UNESCO project illustrates the wildly varying data on human trafficking produced by government organizations and NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

For example, in 2001, the FBI estimated 700,000 women and children were trafficked worldwide, UNICEF estimated 1.75 million, and the International Organization on Migration (IOM) merely 400,000.

One of the most vociferous critics was Slate's Jack Shafer, who took Landesman to task for his statistics and reporting in a series of articles. A: Stop Violence Against Women The battle against trafficking is a large part of the Stop Violence Against Women campaign of Amnesty International.

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The number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is: If you are calling from outside of the United States, these numbers won't be available to you.

No matter where you are, though, help is available.

The introduction to UNESCO's Trafficking Statistics Project summarizes the problem: "When it comes to statistics, trafficking of girls and women is one of several highly emotive issues which seem to overwhelm critical faculties.

Numbers take on a life of their own, gaining acceptance through repetition, often with little inquiry into their derivations.

If you are not in immediate danger, please refer to one of the suicide hotline numbers below.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger of hurting yourself or someone else, call 9-1-1 (or your local emergency number) immediately. Emergency operators on the phone can help you right now. Your life is important and you are worth the phone call."Oversexed" In this article, Debbie Nathan argues that the media overplays the role of sexual exploitation of trafficked women, ignoring the plight of the thousands of women trafficked into domestic labor. Coalition Against Trafficking in Women A human rights organization dedicated to combating the sex trade.CATW "is a non-governmental organization that promotes women's human rights.There was no internationally accepted definition until the signing of the UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons in December 2000.• Although numerous small studies have been done on various aspects of trafficking, much of the research doesn't distinguish between illegal migration and people smuggling and trafficking a person against her will.There are many suicide hotline numbers in the United States and around the world.


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  2. Aside from staying consistent with our daily duties, our number 1 goal is to continue making adaptations and frequent improvements based on feedback and statistical analysis.

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