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"To me, there's no other way but to be a capitalist.I don't like the phrase"sweetshop-free" anymore because it's crybaby; it's 'Buy from us because we're trying harder to treat the people better.' What it is to me is another level of efficiency..sure you pay wages that are internationally acceptable and that your business model doesn't rely upon these cute labor inequalities that are really vestiges of the past." When I check out the headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, the environment really does seem pleasant.The giant production floors in the seven-story industrial warehouse are sunlight-filled spaces with clean stacks of brightly colored tees, massage therapists to assuage employees' muscle pains and pods of intent garment makers who have optional health-care packages, subsidized transportation and free English-as-a second-language classes. It's about telling the boss, 'F--k you.'" Merrily Lupo, a designer, has worked with him for over five years and says it's more like a family business with 1,500 employees.

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I seduced him when I told him I liked dirty stories.

We were standing on a corner in New York's Lower East Side after a long day of trudging from one of his retail stores to another.

So I went to his room and he just starts talking about his company, lying on his bed, like an emperor, really at ease." Deja vu.

, that's the look I'm going for," Dov says, describing his personal style.

Let's just say, the female employee helped him "put on a show" for me.

I watched, trying to be objective, detached -- sorta like a..reporter?

Then I saw one of the American Apparel ads beckoning, "Come see what we're doing." So I thought I'd drop by their factory and find out whether a clothing manufacturer really could be profitable without the standard appalling employment abuses.

What I discovered was not only a company trying to fix the system, but what Dov calls an "industrial revolution." "I think sex motivates everything," he says, peering at me from behind his boxy '70s frames.

At first, between incessant interruptions from his cell phone, he talked manically about progressive labor issues, manifest destiny, sexism, feminism; the mercantile lives of his grandparents and selling home-bottled "spring" water in Hellmann's jars as a child in Montreal.

Then he told me a story about humping a model from the nudie mag .

At dinner, Dov jokes in a childish tone, which he often uses, that I'm his "date." When the watiress comes, I find myself automatically ordering for both of us, like I'm his mom or something. "Masturbation in front of women is underrated," Dov explains to me later over the phone. She gets to watch, it's a sensual experience that doesn't involve a man violating a woman, yet once the man has his release, it's over and you can talk to the guy." And, Iris adds on another day, "I think it's really healthy to have an orgasm four times a day.


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  2. If it’s “to get to know someone”, you’ll probably seem interview-ish. People like being around fun, low-pressure people with no expectations.

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  4. Other side projects include designing a capsule collection with swimwear designer Di Neila Brazil (which debuted at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami in the summer of 2011) and appearing as a featured character in the 2011 EA Sports video game Need For Speed: The Run.

  5. You can pay money for premium features including Tinder Passport (the ability to swipe through matches elsewhere in the world, say, before a trip) and Rewind, for those times when you swipe left too hastily and immediately regret it. Bumble: Free Bumble is much like Tinder but with one key difference: only women can start the conversations after a match is made.

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