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In an interview with Vice, a cutting edge online publication, Skarlatos summed up her efforts after finding a simple wall of graffiti on the streets of Athens that said “Love or Nothing” (Erotas H Tipota). Because everything is being slashed – pensions, wages, everything.

And at the end of the day, what you’re left with is the stuff that doesn’t cost anything: love. Has it sunk to the bottom of your list of priorities?

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And perhaps not content with her date, she was soon spotted slipping into an outfit change and going on another date.

Dressed in a peach coloured plunging bralet and matching skirt slashed high on her thigh, Courtney appeared more enamoured with her new suitor.

For the people who have it, it’s amazing how that can give you the strength to make it through the crisis. ” See the film at the New York City Greek Film Festival.

A fascinating look into what Greeks will not talk about until the wee hours of the morning with their "parea"…

Not for myself, but for a country, for everything it used to be and for everything it had become.” Skarlatos masterfully explores the unseen effects of the economic crisis on dating, flirting, marriage, childbirth and family life through interviews with real people that she conducted herself, diving deep into the hearts and souls of people impacted.

Surprisingly, she unlocks her subjects to talk about things Greeks don’t normally talk about in public.

She was married to actor Doug Hutchison, 57, for six years before they split earlier this year.

And Courtney Stodden, 22, looked to be getting straight back into the swing of the dating game as she was pictured on a date in London on Wednesday.

Doug and I are on really good terms but it's just hard, you know, because we're trying to hang on to our friendship because we are best friends and we don't want to part in a disastrous Hollywood way'.

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