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Young boys are taught not to express their emotions, to “suck it up” and “be a man.” Tony Porter calls this the “man box” in his well-known TED talk.This can be extremely detrimental to boys as they age, especially if they find themselves in an abusive relationship.

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It's a warm spring evening in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, and nothing is happening whatsoever. The local community college just hired a new women's basketball coach (Go, Lady Aggies! A local man died after crashing his Ford F-150 into a freight train.

The biggest news in town is still the county's liquor-by-the-drink law, passed several weeks ago by popular vote, which makes it legal for bars to sell shots and mixed drinks in addition to beer.

Pervading beliefs or stereotypes about men being abusers, women being victims.

The majority of domestic violence stories covered by the media are about male perpetrators and female victims who are typically in heterosexual relationships.

"So this is downtown." When Lambert isn't touring sold-out arenas or racking up awards (or promoting her new album, the confidently titled Platinum), Tishomingo is where she can usually be found – a sleepy southern Oklahoman home to roughly 3,000 people.

("Three thousand one hundred," Lambert says.) She moved here from Nashville in 2006 to be closer to her then-boyfriend, now-husband – fellow country singer and The Voice star Blake Shelton – but at this point, she's practically the mayor.

But it's not who I am every day." Although she's logged four platinum albums and as much TV time as a lot of pop stars, she prefers to pass her days ankle-deep in horse shit in a down-home fantasy of her own creation.

It's an almost clichéd version of the perfect country life – made considerably more charming by the fact that it actually seems to be true.

(Not that the one bar in town has taken advantage of it.) But mostly, life in Tishomingo is just meandering along as usual.


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