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Sununu, Arlen Specter, Lisa Murkowski, Chuck Hagel and Richard Durbin to reauthorize the Act.

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Craig was re-elected four times, serving until 1991.

While in the House, he supported President Ronald Reagan's push to expand vocational education.

Craig was a member of the Idaho Army National Guard from 1970 to 1972, attaining the rank of Private First Class (E3), In 1980, Craig was elected to an open seat in the U. House of Representatives, representing Idaho's 1st congressional district.

He succeeded Republican Steve Symms, who was leaving the House to run for and win election to the Senate against incumbent Democrat Frank Church.

The amendment failed with 53 votes (60 votes were needed because the amendment was not germane to the underlying bill).

A version of the Ag JOBS bill legislation was included in the Senate-passed immigration reform bill in 2006.

Craig was not a major force as a legislator during his time in the House. In 1989 Craig was reported to have led an extended effort that pushed for more severe punishment of Representative Barney Frank for his involvement in a gay prostitution scandal.

Craig announced his candidacy for the 1990 Senate election for the seat vacated by the retiring James A. Craig defeated Idaho Attorney General Jim Jones in the Republican primary.

However, in late 2006 he appeared to endorse the right of individual states to create same-sex civil unions, but said he would vote "yes" on an Idaho constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages when pressured to clarify his position by the anti-gay rights advocacy group Families for a Better Idaho.


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