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A woman touches a man's arm and tells other women that he has a hard body. A woman in a school assembly says that she likes her nanny better than she likes her husband.Women hug and a woman accidentally touches another woman's breast (the second woman moves away).

A man and a woman try to kiss and smack their teeth together; they try again and kiss for a few seconds. A woman takes a selfie as she pushes up one breast in a low-cut neckline that shows cleavage; she turns around and sticks her behind (in tight jeans) out at a man passing by who walks away fast.

An actor on-screen in a movie theater rips open his shirt to reveal his bare chest and women scream in joy.

A mother and her 12-year-old daughter in a sauna wear large white towels that bare their shoulders.

A woman stands at the back of a car with her dress hiked up and squatting as someone says that she is urinating (we see one bare knee and thigh, but no urine and we hear no sound).

A woman pinches the nipple area of a clothed man's chest while standing in front of a car.

A woman flirts with a man, smiling and staring at him and he smiles back.

After drinking a lot of alcohol (please see the Substance Use category for more details), three women enter a grocery store and eat cereal from boxes, pouring some onto the floors; they open and spill bottles of vodka and chocolate milk onto floors as a police officer runs toward them, then runs away as one of the women charges him and he knocks down a tall display of cases of beverages.

A woman tells PTA members that there is a list of at least two dozen dangerous ingredients not allowed in items for a bake sale; she shows a brief film of police officers beating people in the street with clubs as incentive to not use the ingredients.

A woman makes a hand motion like masturbation over a long dark yam as she stares at a grocery clerk who does not react.


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