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Hopefully we get a new EP/album out of him this year!

Parque Omar receives around 10,000 visitors daily, but this weekend, on April 21 and 22, that number will spike due to a host of activities offered by the Festival Abierto 2012, an initiative by Parque Arte that seeks to raise ecological awareness.

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While a name-change followed (dropping his surname) with the release of a self-titled EP in 2013 (“Aiden“) the budding talent has been seemingly M. “ in the South of Spain, with MEMEB also serving as producer.

The song feels very “” without feeling over-thought or over-done.

The LMFAO tour Who Came To Party features just one of the two quirky members of the group, which goes by the name Sky Blu.

Those who attend the event can expect a big crowd and lots of drinking and dancing to the groups hits like Sexy and I Know It and Im in Miami Bitch.

The group was influenced greatly by Michael Jackson, and the late Prince of Pops moves are often put to use in its choreography.

The Party Rock event will also feature singers Chelsea Korka, Mark Rosas, Blac, Smith Agent Smith and Shwayze.The congress, which will be held in Spanish, will be held from p.m. It will feature three speakers: Vctor Len (Venezuela), Luis Carlos Lpez (Colombia) and Rafael Cozzarelli (Panam). From left to right, top to bottom, they are Matthew Addis, Ines Azpurua, Aquilino Arias, Andres Clemente, Landon Comee, Amit Nathani, Nick Miles, Joe Mezquita, Melanie Lee, Danielle Miles, Susannah Malmfelt-Frank, Steve Purdom, Danielle Chitwood, Rita Banus.They will speak on themes such as investigation, emotional intelligence, Panamanian service culture and teleconferencing. The Theatre Guild, Panama's long-standing institution of English-language theatre, presents Improv8 over the next two weekends.Following the Casa Cor tradition, Panamas top designers will re-furbish the interior of an historic building in the city to create an experience that draws in big crowds to see the latest trends and features for interiors. Samuel Lewis and Via Brasil, will be the site of this years Casa Cor celebration.The theme, according to organizer Lilia de de Leon, will be centered around how to decorate apartments at the beach.Secretaries, administrative assistants and those who aspire to fill such roles have an appointment at Hotel El Panam on Wednesday, April 25.


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