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Pseudoscientists never carry out careful, methodical experiments themselves ... If one pseudoscientist claims to have done an experiment ...

no other pseudoscientist ever tries to duplicate it or to check him,..

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Homebirth advocates can't make up their minds which one of these claims is preferable.6.

"Pseudoscience deliberately creates mystery where none exists, by omitting crucial information and important details. New theories are seldom proposed, and old concepts are rarely modified or discarded in light of new "discoveries," since pseudoscience rarely makes new "discoveries." ...

"Pseudoscience appeals to the truth-criteria of scientific methodology while simultaneously denying their validity.

Thus, a procedurally invalid experiment which seems to show that astrology works is advanced as "proof" that astrology is correct, while thousands of procedurally sound experiments that show it does not work are ignored..."The homebirth version is to loudly and shrilly proclaim that recent evidence has shown that episiotomy does not prevent obstetric lacerations, while simultaneously ignoring established research that shows that vaginal breech increases neonatal death, postdates is associated with an increased risk of stillbirth or VBAC has a significant risk of catastrophic uterine rupture.10.

—especially if the idea is transparently wrong and has long been discarded by science..."Homebirth advocates love to claim that homebirth is safe because it is ancient or that herbs are effective because primitive people used them, when homebirth was never safe and herbs are less effective (or ineffective) compared to medication.

He is good at one thing, which he has been doing at the highest level for barely twelve months.

Childbirth is very painful, but the pain can be managed with the right attitude.

Not only is childbirth not painful, it is actually pleasurable.

Anything can be made "mysterious" by omitting what is known about it or presenting completely imaginary details..."Vaccine rejectionism relies very heavily on misrepresenting what vaccine rejectionists don't know as "unknown". No natural phenomena or processes previously unknown to science have ever been discovered by pseudoscientists..."Homebirth advocacy never changes.

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