Solemnization matrimony anglican book common prayer dating 1662

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She is referring to charity, the only heritage the minister’s daughter may expect.

Austen’s own relation to this truth may have tempted her in this instance to forsake her own custom ( of not referring directly or too closely to religious texts- JFW) Other instances of indirect references to the Prayer Book can be found in her characters speech and in their letters.

She had to suffer something in the way of reproach from those who believed she might have used her genius to greater effect.

But her old friend used to say, “I think I see her now defending what she thought was the real province of a delineator of life and manners and declaring her belief that example and not “direct preaching” was all that a novelist could properly afford to exhibit…How very typical of her to realise that preaching would not influence people, only examples of lives lived well would do, and by making only glancing references to books she obvious considered serious, she did not diminish their worth, or their influence upon her.

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If ever there were people who, without having great wealth themselves, had every thing they could wish for, I am sure it is us.

We may well say that “”our lot is cast in a goodly heritage.””Miss Bates’s simple use of it point sot a misapprehension; she has no heritage-that is her problem.

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Each Prayer Book also contains a Psalter, which contains all the Psalms as translated by Miles Coverdale.

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