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For the most part, with a Korean man, you know exactly where you stand.

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In fact, they'll rarely take their focus off of them for the entire night. But hey, at least I'm not a height snob or something else like that, that a guy doesn't even have a chance of fixing. I don't give a fuck if a guy is 5'6, and I don't care for people carrying on about it like it matters.

They are fantastic at keeping the conversation going, making you laugh, even pulling out magic tricks when there's a lull just to keep you entertained. But style, while not being something I'll count a guy out for not having, will move a guy up a few notches if he does happen to pay attention to it. What that style actually is rarely matters, so long as it's something. And Korean guys have this one head and shoulders above Western guys, just as Korean women far surpass their Western counterparts in this realm. A person's external presentation has fuck all to do with who they are, and the qualities that really matter, in the end.

When a man looks down and sees that, on a cold day, I'm wearing nothing but thin tights, and immediately you see his face strain with worry, as he automatically moves to cover your legs with his coat, without even realizing that you're already pulling away.

When he overrides his own hesitation to make physical contact with the opposite sex to offer you his arm on an icy road, because you are a little unsteady on your feet and he's worried that you might fall.

Because men are men, before they are any sub-category there within, right? When you look at normal everyday life in Korean dating culture and put it up against normal everyday life in Western dating culture, in general, Korean men tend to move a lot more slowly. There isn't pressure to get right into the bedroom to make it clear that everyone is really attracted to everyone else, and then try to sort out the aftermath after the fact. This goes back to my ideals being a hell of a lot less modest than my personal life actually is, most of the time. I'll give you two, and then I'll hit on my last two, my favorites..

You can take your time, and it doesn't become an issue. I certainly don't think that getting physical right of the bat removes the possibility for a long-term, healthy relationship, but I prefer, basically, to take the long way around, when I'm dealing with something serious. I don't like that this is the way I've become, but it is.When he looks absolutely horrified to see you come through the door carrying a heavy box and knocks over his chair jumping out of it to rush over and take it from you. And they ride over into the emotional side of things, as well. As much as it may mean that so many other things are assumed in the process, as well.Where your Western male companions are more likely to accept your masculine presentation when times get hard, throw a slap on your back, tell you to buck up and buy you a beer, a Korean man is more likely just to see a girl who's having a hard time. A little love for the K dating culture, as promised. I was raised in the south, after all, and you can rail against that as much as you want, but a little part of it just stays with you. They aren't trapped in language cliche or idioms, and sometimes they have to get quite creative to get their point across.This post is going to involve a lot of coming clean on the Liz Persona. I'm a feminist and all that, and I don't expect a guy to go jumping through hoops -- I'm just as fine with a guy who doesn't make gestures as with one who does. I have never one time been on a date in without getting a text or phone call before my taxi even arrives home asking if I've made it home safely, thanking me for my time, and telling me to sleep well. I'm constantly surprised and pleased by the way this happens, and I feel like you can see a lot of a person's personality in it.To them, to Korean culture, that's the way things are supposed to work, between a man and a woman.


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