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I still remember this baby who was found in a dumpster somewhere in LA, it made headlines across the country… Your t-shirt would disappear, only to be found a few weeks later in the trash with somebody’s ass wipes on it. (laughs)Well, I got on back when it was still the “Alva Skates” era.(laughs)Nothing was private, just a bunch of guys in bunk beds. It was slowly becoming the Posse era but still had a little ways to go. While all the other brands were out trying to find that next up-and-coming guy, we were sponsoring influential dudes in the hood and skate scenes around the country. We skated but we were also into the art and music scenes.So just as I started to hook up with the rippers in the scene, we had to move away. I never saw another skateboarder, let alone a vert ramp, for the entire 3 ½ years we lived there!

It wasn’t my “big break” or anything, but it did plant the seed for things to come.

It really didn’t click until I picked up the new issue of Thrasher one day.

I was stoked but honestly, I didn’t think too much about it.

The term “flow” didn’t exist back then but that’s basically what it was.

For example, here we are driving on the freeway in this lowrider, but it’s not like we’re heading straight to the contest. We’re all waiting in the car, ready to hit the road, and this dude’s upstairs asleep. What’s funny about all that is I come from a vert background. It’s just that the scene never really got documented, other than what you saw in skate ads.

Nah, Mondo has to stop by his chick’s house in Hollywood real quick. No cell phone, a gated apartment, there’s nothing we could do. Mondo was having me out to skate in vert contests, which is what I did at first… The first trick that comes to mind as representing all that was soon to come was the push-up wallride.

I remember being so hyped with the Texans came to Alva Skates from Zorlac. (laughs)So yeah, I feel like once JT came out to the Oceanside contest from Florida as an Alva pro…

Eddie Reatugui leading the charge and after that, with Danforth and Freddie Smith in the mix, too, that was the beginning of the Alva Posse era. But that was a groundbreaking time for street skating.

Even taking girls back there, that’s just how it was. We had already grown out of the garage operation by that point to a warehouse in an industrial complex, but it didn’t become the Posse until a few years later. That’s who Alva was, so the company attracted that kind of skater, myself included.


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