Speed dating parents guide

It may seem silly to schedule time with your spouse, but it is oh, so important!Due to busy schedules, children’s activities, work commitments, and family obligations, a date with your spouse is often the first to get cut from the calendar. Put a day and time on the calendar and keep it as sacred as you would a back to school open house night for your children.

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She loves movies, cocktails, the color purple, homemade spaghetti sauce, day dates and sunny afternoons.

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, and obviously prearrange with the childcare if pickup time is different than a normal day.

This day date is a great time to meet for coffee or a cocktail and catch up on your day before getting back to the hurried life of parents.

In a fast-paced world of schedules, activities, and commitments, it is often challenging to force a slowdown and reset.

It is all too easy to get focused on the to-do lists and errand running, or get swept up in job requirements and friend commitments, that the ones who mean the most to us sometimes get put on the backburner.

After being pressured by her overprotective mother, Maria, Brooke drags Traci to a local speed dating event.

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