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(I would’ve effed that up really quickly had I been made to follow the semi-complex migration pattern.)The main organizer launched into some sort of intro speech, and while he was rambling about dating, the guy sitting across from me proceeded to mock the entire thing; he rolled his eyes and flexed his weird eyebrows and pretended to strangle the air, and it was awkward.

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Before you go all troll-tastic on me for saying that, I have it on good authority that the guys were having their own locker room chatter before things got started, boasting about how many phone numbers they were about to get (or worse), SO I think it’s safe to say we were (mostly) all a little guilty.

Just because I’m absolving myself NOW, though, doesn’t mean that my brain wasn’t being overloaded with questions of ethics during the lead-up to showtime; these came and went, but I had plenty of time to think about them while we waited for what felt like an hour to be let into the speed dating room.

Each one involved the same sorts of questions, like, “Why are you at Comic-Con? ” “What do you like to do when you’re not at Comic-Con?

” I’d initially hoped that my questions AND my responses would be a little more creative, but it’s hard to prepare yourself for this kind of thing.

(I also had plenty of time to try and stare at Adam West, who was signing autographs in the Comic-Con distance. )What really got under my skin was a woman sitting next to me who was very clearly looking to find her true love on this adventure; this made me feel uneasy about my less serious attitude.

There were other girls who also seemed really nervous, and/or were spending a lot of time getting ready to meet some dudes by applying makeup, fixing their hair, and spritzing themselves with body spray.Well I was the sci-fi speed dating version of that person. I also butchered the names of several movies and TV shows; I can’t think of a specific example right now, but it’s highly possible I referenced not-real-things like .I could also feel the guys’ eyes start to glaze over as soon as I said it was my first time at Comic-Con, and that I wasn’t there for any specific thing, but just to kind of check it out in a general sense.” I see your point there, but I honestly didn’t think I would fail this hard at being a nerd.I mean, I’m not COMPLETELY without knowledge of points of interest, but I’m just not that well-versed, and obviously that was detrimental to holding a conversation.Some of the guys wandered over for “DIY” speed dating, because they weren’t sure if they would get into the session, and/or if they even felt like getting into the session.


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