Speed dating tips for women

It may be the fastest way to get you unstuck out of a rut in the dating game.Finding a boyfriend willing to pamper you can be difficult to say the least.

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Coming back to speed dating, it is important to keep a few pointers in mind before going on such events After all like any other social event speed dating also has some etiquette to follow.

That is there are some unwritten unsaid rules that every girl should keep in mind when planning to go for speed dating.

When it comes to speed dating tips, there is no such thing that can help you than to ask help from an experienced person.

In fact, many experts have conducted studies and experiments about speed dating and came up with various speed dating tips.

As a conversation takes place, allow it to come out and flow naturally.

Speed dating is a worthwhile activity which will allow you to meet and encounter new faces and interesting people.

When other people in the event hear you and your friend chatting about such things, this can make them feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

Guys who are planning to get near you will also be intimidated because they would surely think that you are someone who is hard to approach because you are with that friend who always talks beside you.4) Be Optimistic In a speed dating event, one needs to be optimistic. Who knows, the next person could happen to be your perfect date.5) Enjoy the Speed Dating Event A lot of participants for such events could hardly say they are enjoying the event simply because they are a way nervous and too excited.

If you are reading this just before heading out of the door off to a speed dating even, know this: your fight or flight response will be triggered more than once, multiple times, more than you would like (with nowhere to run); so enjoy yourself and enjoy the ride.

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