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The Engadine once again becomes the haunt of the jet set, and this soon leads to a series of further innovations. designs a wooden ice pavilion with a sun terrace at the hotel ice rink, and then in 1937/38 adds a new vault for the tavern as well as new pine wainscoting for the Restaurant Kronenstübli in the oldest part of the hotel.The Second World War turns Switzerland into an Alpine fortress with only a few Swiss guests lodging in the oldest part of the Kronenhof. His children Lorenz Gredig-Stünzi (Grisons cantonal councillor, and vice president of the Swiss Hoteliers Association), Andreas Gredig (director of the hotel from 1945), Christian Gredig (director of the wine trade), Giachem Gredig (responsible for the agriculture business), Thomas Gredig and Margerite Gredig – the only daughter – continue to run the business.Lorenz Gredig dies and his son Lorenz Gredic-Fanconi (1861–1940) takes over the management of the Kronenhof.

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The “Krone” flourishes thanks to the Upper Engadine’s sudden popularity with tourists, and needs more rooms facing the valley for guests to dine and for celebrations.

Hartman returns to build a new dining hall with a kitchen below it.

"There's an extreme amount of interest from many buyers," said Hostess CEO Greg Rayburn.

The sour news came after the failure Tuesday of "eleventh-hour" talks between the 82-year-old junk food mainstay and the Bakery, Confectioner, Tobacco and Grain Millers Union.

Lorenz Gredig-Fanconi builds an ice-skating rink and makes plans for a new wing with a separate ballroom. The war and the years of crisis that accompanied and immediately followed it put a massive strain on the Kronenhof – only the wine shop and agriculture business are secure sources of income.

Behind the scenes, however, more modernizing is taking place: the kitchen is extended, a new heating system installed, and en-suite bathrooms are added to all guest rooms. Moritz hosts the Olympic Winter Games, and Pontresina hosts the ski-jumping competition.He subsequently adds the “Bellavista wing” with its luxury salons (Salle de Conversation, Salle des Dames, Salle de Billard) and guest rooms with private drawing rooms.Lorenz Gredig also enhances the status of his establishment by renaming it: "Hotel Kronenhof und Bellavista".The main entrance is now situated under the dome at the centre of the forecourt, featuring the impressive, light-flooded hotel foyer, and with elegant drawing rooms on either side.The extensions are completed by the addition of two side aisles to enlarge the dining room, which becomes known as the sumptuous “Grand Restaurant”. The hotel, which now features more than 350 guest rooms, is renamed once again to "Grand Hotel Kronenhof and Bellavista".In spring, the AG Grand-Hotels Engadinerkulm AG, which owns the famous Kulm Hotel St.


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