Stop ipod from updating

Then along came i OS 10 and my impressions changed completely. The 5th generation model is just over two years old, and Apple will already stop providing software updates for it.

It’s unusual for any Apple product to be cut off from future updates after such a short time.

Yet, as a owner of one of the discontinued devices I can’t help but feeling like I’ve been left out in the cold in the name of progress.

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Apple have covered their backs on this issue, however.

Quoting from the i Pod Software License Agreement (PDF, of course): “With respect to updates to the i Pod Software and system restore software that Apple may make available for download (‘i Pod Software Updates’), you acknowledge that some i Pod Software Updates, or portions thereof, may be specific to particular models or generations of the i Pod and may not be available for all i Pod models.” Apple published a list of devices that were i OS 10 compatible that initially included the 5th generation i Pod touch, the i Phone 4s, and other devices based on the Apple A5 processor. Apple’s dropped every product model with the A5 and A5X processor chip.

The final last step you may need to take in order to stop deleted apps from syncing and updating on your i Phone is one the i Phone itself.

On your i Phone’s main screen, tap on the Settings - Automatic Downloads and make sure the slider on the right side of Apps is turned off.

In order to stop deleted apps from updating, syncing to your i Phone, and constantly coming back, there are a few things that you need to do: The first thing you need to do to stop a deleted app from syncing is to delete the offending app.

Press your finger on the app, wait until it is shaking, and then tap on the white “x” on the upper left hand corner of the icon.

I much prefer using the i Pod touch on the couch than the i Pad, a laptop, or even my phone (currently a Nexus 5X with Android “N”).

I’ve owned three i Pod touches over the last five years.

Keep in mind that you have only deleted the local copy of the app.

Now we can move onto the next step in getting that deleted app to not sync.

I always believed Apple were better at planning than other companies, but in this instance it really feels like they didn’t plan ahead and really wanted to depart from their technological heritage a bit faster than consumers would expect them to.

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