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Jawed Karim, who cofounded You Tube and designed much of Pay Pal, has said that Hot or Not was so monumental because “anyone could upload content that everyone else could view.That was a new concept because up until that point, it was always the people who owned the website who would provide the content.” It probably didn’t hurt that most of these developers were teenage boys when Hot or Not launched, placing them firmly in the site’s target demo.

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Meeting people in real life whom you first encountered on the Internet seemingly becomes less taboo every year.

A decade ago online presence still came with some connotations of antisocial nerdiness, and online dating was commonly thought of as being for losers who couldn’t meet people in real life.

What sites like Hot or Not determine is not any kind of ultimate opinion, but the average one.

While some branches of evolutionary psychology would argue that certain traits, such as hair on men or neotenic features on women, are innately preferable, overarching scientific theories of attraction tend to ignore how much we are influenced by cultural conditioning.

The attractiveness-rating website Hot or Not was founded in 2000 by Silicon Valley engineers James Hong and Jim Young to serve as “a technical solution to a disagreement they made one day over a passing woman’s attractiveness.” Phrased originally as a question (“Am I Hot or Not?

”), it dropped the “Am I” for the catchier “Hot or Not,” whose lack of question mark makes the interrogation feel more grim and reminds you that it is a mechanized poll conducted by a non-person.

Hot or Not eventually evolved into a matchmaking site, one that falls somewhere between Ok Cupid and Adult Friend Finder on the yardstick of creepiness.

While Hot or Not came after Rate My Face (1999) and Am IHot (also 2000) and didn’t add any new functions to the Y/N photo-rating concept, it was more popular than either of its forebears.

An absurdly high number of female Tinder users were 18 or 19, conventionally attractive, and blonde.


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