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A few years after he was born, his parents divorced and Lusth moved with his mother to Durham, North Carolina, where his mother eventually remarried and had two additional children.His father remained in Mexico and had two additional children as well.In 2009, he started the non-profit organization, Mexico Skate, to help grow the popularity of skateboarding and build skate parks in every town or pueblo in Mexico. "Honestly, I'm actually pretty excited that Coach is here. Despite a mixed reception to the idea, the tribe followed and J. Calderon sat out of a challenge that would be more suited to him than Billy, and at Tribal Council Ozzy got his wish and Billy was eliminated.

Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth is a contestant from Survivor: Cook Islands, Survivor: Micronesia, Survivor: South Pacific, and Survivor: Game Changers.

One of the greatest physical threats in the game's history, Ozzy is remembered for his athleticism, his adeptness in the water, his dexterity and his sheer endurance.

Over the past year, Lusth has begun to develop a non-profit organization to build skate parks in Mexico.

Lusth currently resides in Venice, California with his German Shepherd mix, Buddha (who also accompanies him on his board while surfing). Name: Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth (29)Current Residence: Venice, Calif.

And, I'm looking for this last, this third experience, to really be the end to it all, the redemption." In previous seasons, Ozzy dominated in challenges but did not have the best social game and was even voted out of Survivor: Micronesia with an idol in his possession.

He has grown a lot since the last time Jeff Probst snuffed his torched and is ready to give the game another shot. Upon arriving at camp, Ozzy thrived and began to show his survival skills at an early start.

"The last Tribal Council that I went through, the one that voted me off, I've got to let that go, but I have to be able to remember and go back and say there were signs." Not only has Ozzy matured as a player, but he has also transformed his personal life. This earned him in good standing with his fellow tribe mates and allowed him to form a a bond with everybody, except Billy Garcia.

Born in Mexico, Ozzy takes pride in his heritage and his community. During the events of Days 4-6, Ozzy began to notice Billy's lack of work ethic and suggested to his tribe that they intentionally lose the next Immunity Challenge to vote Billy out.

Lusth moved many times in his teen years to seven U. States and Central America while his mother divorced and remarried for a third time (at which point, they were living in Mountain View, California) where he learned to surf.

In high school, Lusth was able to attend an alternative learning program called Learning Community where he was introduced to acting and photography. He then attended two years of college at Santa Barbara City College before moving to the Los Angeles area.

Lusth is currently a waiter and was formerly a restaurant manager.


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