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- Text: Press "Talk to Team Fam" in app (10am EST-11pm EST)- Email: [email protected] Instagram: DM @The Fam App- Twitter: DM @Fam App Official This app is pretty good, but I had one big problem.

My contact pictures on my contact list is all messed up.

When you open the app it takes over the keyboard area; there is only one button: “Create Group Video.” When pressed, it sends a link to your whole group i Message, which when pressed starts a group video chat between your friends.

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With just a couple taps from your i Message keyboard, Fam turns ANY i Message group chat (or one-on-one conversation) into a group video chat party, where an UNLIMITED number of friends can be online at once (seriously).

In the Fam home screen app, you can see your group video chat call history in one neat, organized view.

You may be thinking, "what if my friends miss my group video call?

" Or, "what if none of them can be on the call all at once?

The first time a friend presses “join chat” they will have to download Fam, but each time after that it is essentially seamless.

The video quality is pretty good — even when using cellular data.

The goals themselves typically take longer than an actual 20 seconds, but the point is that it gets you to START which is always the hardest part.

Now I don’t ask girls out anymore, but I’d like to think I’d harness this trick if I did :) These days I use a different one instead, which is more about helping me tackle stuff I have a tendency to push off – both in money and in life.

And there are no notifications when someone joins the group chat — which gets frustrating when you’re trying to get a group of people all to be in the chat at once.


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