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We can not say that the film was very successful, but Takeshi noticed, and for the next year he can weigh in four films and released three albums of songs.. and although it is not yet particularly active for principal roles in large projects, . Suddenly, an attractive appearance and excellent plastic coupled with a huge unspent internal energy led to his invitation to Hollywood. S., he has long remained in Hong Kong, drawing his attention to the Land of the Rising Sun, where and departs torturing his happiness.Unfortunately, it has not gone as smoothly as we would like. Recently, however, it decided to release a limited release, so that in August it can already be seen on the screens of several selected cinemas there. Japan immediately revealed to him his arms, taking him as a star.

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When asked to express his thoughts about the nomination, Takeshi responded via text message, "Thank you.

Thank you very much." On the other hand, producer Wong Kar Wai recently expressed his happiness for Takeshi, saying, "After more than 20 years of hard work, it is finally confirmed.

3 Oct - After 24 years in the business, Taiwanese-Japanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro finally scores his first Best Actor nomination at the Golden Horse Awards.

As reported on Mingpao, the Golden Horse organiser recently announced the list of nominations for the upcoming awards, which revealed that the 43-year-old actor has been nominated in the said category for his role in the Wong Kar Wai production of "See You Tomorrow".

However, the actor will face tough competition from other stars from Greater China, including Huang Bo ("The Conformist") and Tu Men ("Old Beast").

Unfortunately, co-star Tony Leung Chiu Wai is not nominated in the category.

He grew up in Taiwan, and the age of 18 years, only the first trip to the homeland of his father in Japan.

While still in school, he noticed an unusual appearance of a pretty TV producers, inviting him to appear in advertisements.

Works in: South Korea Claims to fame: Goodbye Dear Wife, We Got Married Fun fact: Julien is Korean-Canadian and was born in Saint Pierre et Miquelon (an overseas French territory off the coast of Canada) to a Korean dad and a French mom. Works in: South Korea, Japan Claims to fame: Joint Security, I Saw the Devil, Gwanghae Fun fact: Byung-hun and actor Ahn Sung-ki are the first Korean actors to imprint their hand and foot prints on the forecourt of Grauman's Chinese Theatre. He was also in Singapore’s The Kitchen Musical with Stephen.

Works in: Philippines Claims to fame: Pinoy Big Brother, Close to You, Death March Fun fact: Sam was born in Ohio before moving to the Philippines in 2005, and he went to the Cannes Film Festival with Death March in 2013. S., India Claims to fame: Heroes, Covert Affairs, Shor in the City Fun fact: Sendhil could have been a hot doctor: He was pre-med at Tufts University and graduated in 1996. Works in: China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan Claims to fame: House of Flying Daggers Fun fact: As a multicultural and multilingual hottie, he voiced Tarzan in Tarzan for the Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese versions. Works in: India Claims to fame: Jism, Water, Baabul Fun fact: Water was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2007, making it Canada's first non-French Canadian film to receive a nomination in that category. Works in: Philippines Claims to fame: Your Song, A Special Symphony Fun fact: Christian is a multi-platinum artist with at least eight albums in his discography.

Ribbon "Too Tired to Die", although that was filmed back in 1998, so long and did not come out on U. In the two years that he spent there, he managed beschisslennoe number of times to visit on the covers of various magazines and even released a video game "Onimusha: Demon Warrior" with them (okompyuterizovannym) starring.


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