Talia shire and sylvester stallone dating

” Stallone doesn’t know what to say to him, so he says, “No,” and Burgess says, “Well, start thinking about it.” That was just perfect, and that’s how he got the job.

and he was very hot – he had gotten a nomination for the picture – and we gave him the script.

won three 1976 Academy Awards, one each for direction (John Avildsen), editing (Richard Halsey and Scott Conrad), and the aforementioned Best Picture of the year (carried off by producers Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler).

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I felt Rocky to be the perfect vehicle for that kind of sensibility.

So I took my story and injected it into the body of Rocky Balboa because no-one, I felt, would be interested in listening to or watching or reading a story about a down-and-out, struggling actor/writer. And I had met Sylvester a couple of times before when he would come in and audition for different movies I was doing.

But there was never any question in my mind that Sylvester Stallone was going to be starring in it, in spite of all of the mythical stories you might hear.

Making a million dollar picture with Stallone, that’s what it was all about. Then Burgess [Meredith] came in and they read the scene where Rocky is told that he has to get out of his locker.

He would have been wonderful for the role as well, but he wanted far more than we could afford to spend.

He was hot, this was his moment in the sun, but he wanted about 0,000, which was one tenth of our budget.I am sure that moment meant more to him than any money he ever could receive from fighting, because now he had run the complete circle. That was the key element for me and after I finished the script I immediately said, “This is a movie that I want to make.” It was so off the track from everything else that one reads.The hero actually loses and is still a hero and still has good values and he had his own internal battle that he had fought. Stallone: There are certain parallels between Rocky and me.I play it or nobody does.” He was a starving actor at the time, so he didn’t have a lot of options.Chartoff: Getting Sly to star in the film was difficult, despite anything you might have heard over the years.But he got a call that same evening from his buddy Lee Strasberg.

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