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This is a great campaign that offers free and immediate access to campaign tools and information for your school or community. Also, there is a contest going on now through August 31.Teens are encouraged to create their own talking avatar and “have their say.” Your teen could win a cool That’s Not Cool t-shirt.

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“Justice has been proud to partner with The Classic over the past 10 years for good reason,” agreed Brian Rogers, Justice’s SVP of human resources.

“We know the value of giving back to our community and the importance of this cause.

Reports just released in the journal Pediatrics show that teenagers who are in abusive relationships appear to be more likely to develop emotional and substance abuse issues when they […] Without Money Becoming the Most Valuable Thing Money doesn’t grow on trees.

” This is in essence the same question that Seth Godin poses to us as adults in Stop Stealing Dreams.

While the article mentioned the New York law allowing teenagers to obtain orders of protection, it did not note that such orders may not be recognized or enforced by the very institutions charged with caring for teenagers: their schools.

Although 43 percent of abused teenagers report that incidents of dating violence occur on campus, very few schools are helping their students.

Digital abuse is a growing form of abuse among Generation Y teens Generation Z kids and tweens.

It includes unwanted, repeated calls or text messages, privacy violations such as breaking into email or social networking accounts, and pressure to send nude or private pictures or videos.

The programs I've helped to develop generally fall into the categories of "prevention" and "education," sometimes both.


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