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The Fund operates out of the Toronto Foundation and focuses on cross-cultural education to support healing and recovery.

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As King tells it, while he was crossing a wooden bridge over a dry creek bed, he thought back to one of the horror stories of his own childhood, "The Three Billy Goats Gruff." He remembered how that story's troll—who lived under a bridge "very much like the one [he] was crossing"—would approach its victims with the question "who is that trip-trapping on my bridge? The afterword offers further glimpses into the origins of Derry, the quaint little town with a horrifying secret which has since reappeared in several of his works.

" This question, King says, "struck [him]—even as a child—as innocent on top, but very sinister beneath." This led him to begin thinking about the fantastical fears of our childhood in contrast to our more mundane adult fears, and he "began to see a structure where [he] could alternate children battling real monsters with the adults they became… The town of Bangor, Maine, where King and his family were living at the time the novel was conceived, served as the inspiration for 's setting.

has captured imaginations (and scared off pants) since its publication in 1986.

The novel's unique structure—jumping between two narratives featuring the same group of protagonists as children and adults, set 27 years apart—gave King a chance to explore the development of his characters and the history of his setting like never before, and its story introduced us to one of the most terrifying villains in all of fiction: the malevolent, shape-shifting extradimensional entity who appears most often in the form of Pennywise, the Dancing Clown.

To begin wrangling the massive tome into a workable script, King turned to a pair of trusted collaborators—the first of which was Lawrence D.

"Larry" Cohen, who had penned the screenplay for Brian De Palma's highly successful adaptation of King's novel before the novel had even been published, and was shocked upon receiving the manuscript.

A 1990 ABC miniseries adaptation starring the great Tim Curry as Pennywise traumatized readers as well as viewers who'd been reluctant to take on the novel's 1,138-page heft, and 27 years later, a theatrical adaptation surpassed all audience expectations, cleaning up at the box office while becoming one of the most critically acclaimed films of 2017.

Since King's masterpiece is enjoying a well-deserved moment in the spotlight, let's take a look at the untold truth of In the afterword to the 25th anniversary edition of King's original novel, the author offered some insight into how Pennywise came to be. " By the summer of 1981, he'd fleshed out the story enough in his mind to begin researching in earnest.

"A little at a time, the network lost its nerve and cut back from 10 to 8, which started to worry us. At that point, we lost Romero, who felt we were diluting [the story]." The runtime would eventually be pared down even further, and The 1990 miniseries was a smash hit for ABC and has gone on to become a favorite in its own right, thanks largely to Curry's nightmare-inducing turn as Pennywise.

This was —a horror magnum opus that deserved—no, demanded—a marathon rather than a sprint. It was also praised for deftly juggling King's interweaving narratives despite its limited runtime, and strong performances from both its child and adult casts.

Proceeds from the sale of Secret Path will be donated to the Gord Downie Secret Path Fund for Truth and Reconciliation via The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) at The University of Manitoba.


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