The whitest kids you know dating

1-1 20 Mar 07 Hitler Rap, Sexy Fawn, Get a New Daddy 2.1-2 20 Mar 07 Movie Pitching Guy, Whip Boy, Brothers in Arms 3.

Seeing the five comedic performers on stage gave me the chance to once again see them at their best: not only performing sketches that are at times vulgar and always off the wall, but working together to create hilarious moments.

Description: The Whitest Kids U' Know is an American sketch comedy troupe based in New York City.

They're currently most famous for the "Slow Jerk" sketch, the "Abe Lincoln" sketch (in which Abe Lincoln is a loutish boor who annoys John Wilkes Booth to the point of assassinating him), and the "New Thing" sketch, which was (without the WKUK's permission) ripped off shamelessly by Budweiser. Johnson, and Darren as a Secret Service officer), Drag sketches (most often with Darren or Timmy as the girl), or just plain weird ones (Saturday, Opus, etc).

Most of their sketches fall under the following categories: Presidential Assassinations (with Zach as Abe Lincoln/Ronald Reagan/JFK, Trevor as John Wilkes Booth/John Hinckley/Lee Harvey Oswald, Sam as George H. They've occasionally come into conflict with the higher-ups of the Fuse Network (the censoring of swearing and sexual content led them to move the show to IFC) and even IFC (making them do 15 minute long shows rather than half hour long).

There was also plenty of audience interaction (with the group bringing volunteers from the audience on stage for two sketches) that made the night even more memorable for the crowd.

The group also included a fair share of videos at the beginning and middle of the show, as well as an opening stand-up bit from the group’s longtime friend Greg Johnson (who also appeared a handful of skits).1-3 27 Mar 07 Cubicle Boss, Pimp Pun Disaster, Whiskey Super Size 4. 1-5 08 May 07 Acting Class, Pie, Demon Ouija Board 6.1-6 01 May 07 Dear Black People, Accidental Puke, Kool-Aid 7.However, even though these sketches may have been seen numerous times by the sold-out audience in attendance, the group kept it fresh by ad libbing at certain points or altering the punch lines/endings.In fact, seeing each member try to refrain from cracking up at a blunder or newly added line was a personal highlight.In addition to opening with a clip of the “Dog Suicide” skit and later showing video of what subtitles for Chewbacca might potentially entail, Moore also showed music videos from his forthcoming solo album Drunk Texts To Myself (out on March 26 via Comedy Central Records).


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