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Chunky, chewy, marshmallowy Rocky Road squares top the charts for a perfect party snack. Broderick’s Rocky road pouches are the perfect splash of colour to brighten up your dull day. Neither, if you look below the cab you’ll see two feet powering our trucks and vans…

Each pouch comes with 7 Road Rocking Choc Choc Block mini bites.

Handmade in Dublin, Broderick’s mini bites contain real Irish butter, Belgian chocolate and Broderick’s signature secret-recipe caramel. They got a taste for their mammy’s baking and never looked back. Is the glass in your factory really glass or is it glazed sugar?

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The Broderick’s squares are designed to satisfy the biggest hungers. Is it true Bernard proposed to and was turned down by Catherine, duchess of Cambridge, before she met William?

Choose your favourite individually-wrapped indulgent man sized treats of Rocky Road, Tiffin, Caramel Crunch and Caramel Shortbread slices. It will be the cornerstone of government policy for the next election. Is it really impossible to eat a Broderick’s Nutty Crunchie Caramel Munchie while reciting the Irish constitution? However, it is possible to eat chocolate engraved with the Irish constitution. If you and Barry were TV detectives would you be more Cagney and Lacey or Kojack or Magnum PI or Jessica Fletcher, I’d bet Barry would be Jessica Fletcher.

Choose your favourite individually-wrapped indulgent mini sized treats of Rocky Road, Tiffin, Caramel Crunch and Caramel Shortbread slices.

Looking for tropical sensation everyone will enjoy? Paw Paw and the Fruity More More is a winner for its creamy yogurt texture, wholesome colourful ingredients and the island taste. Is there really a concept bar called Rocky Road 4G that can be eaten 10 times quicker than the current 2014 model, so that you don’t get caught mid face stuffing in the kitchen when you said you were just getting a glass of water.

Barry and Bernard use lots of local ingredients in their recipes – not because they are too lazy to look further afield, but because they know that Irish ingredients are always the best quality.

The factory’s store cupboard is packed with delicious homegrown delicacies including sun-ripened oats (yes, we do actually get sun in Ireland) and finely-milled flour that’s more delicate than snowflakes in a blender. Broderick’s are a company that are proud of the fact they make cakes by hand, and this means there’s always going to be slight variations. But like Claude Monet churning out endless pictures of water lilies, we view our cakes as an art, and the slight differences are what make them unique. It creates a euphoric feeling that some cake connoisseurs have referred to as a ‘flourgasm.’ Sure, it’s complex cake science. We dust our cakes with a layer of sugary goodness so fine that it defies atomic science. And how does this affect your manufacturing process? All we know is Barry comes up with fantastic new ideas when there’s a lunar or solar eclipse. Is it true that Ann Chang Ho, the legendary founder of Korea, is your distant cousin? When you buy a Broderick’s bar, you always get more chocolate than you paid for. Will the end of Game of Thrones be the start of the Broderick’s business? We form a personal bond with all our cakes, naming them, schooling them, and eventually sending them out into the world on their own. Perfectly moist, it has good staying power, if it’s not eaten instantly! Is it true that Chilly Brr Slippy Slices are the only things keeping Ireland in the Eurozone? Virtually, every Rocky Road we produce helps pay off national debt. Will there ever be a Broderick Brother who can swim faster than a shark? He has some hidden talents that would surprise including balancing a chair on his chin. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood…?


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