Tips dating hungarian women

But if I opened with something blatantly American, such as “Do you speak English? It made me appear as a guy leveraging my American status to talk to girls, and lacking the confidence just to talk to them as a “normal” person.

And I really do mean blown out of the water – ask Jeremy or Lucky about it.

We did a lot of night game and a little bit of day game on this trip, and I made 100 approaches throughout the ten days; a couple of daygame sessions spread across the ten days and a dozen or so approaches per night when going out.

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This doesn’t mean you can be less of a man, but it does mean you can lean back and play a little more “nice guy” game with them with the same success.

Let’s dig into those more specific questions: If you’re coming from California – brace yourself.

That would be a great article for us cats who haven’t been there. I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself an approach monkey, but Jeremy called me a machine more than once on this trip.

I have a certain “zone” I can get into in regards to approaching and drinking, and if I hit that spot I am just Sometimes I go with direct game, and sometimes indirect.

On the contrary, American girls throw so many repeated shit tests at you it’s easy to just smash it out of the park by making fun of them.

Hungarian girls are vastly different simply because they won’t belittle you as a way of making their own pussy wet.

I found Hungarian girls to be very open to talking to me if I just opened them simply and confidently.

Once I did that, being American didn’t hurt me – on the contrary, many of them were very impressed.

Fellow blogger Christian Mc Queen asked the following: – Break down step by step how the Hungarian girls responded to your game. I also rocked a red pair of pants quite often on this trip.


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