Tom cruise and rosamund pike dating

When the prime suspect (Joseph Sikora) is questioned, his sole response is to write “Get Jack Reacher” on a sheet of paper in lieu of a confession.

The suspect isn’t mute, nor is he otherwise injured, so why doesn’t he just, you know, speak? Why is it okay for the defense attorney who takes his case (Rosamund Pike) to be the daughter of the prosecuting attorney (Richard Jenkins), which seems to represent a colossal conflict of interest? Perhaps the most infuriating thing about Jack Reacher though, is that despite these and many other instances of plot and character deviations from reality, it actually kind of works.

As they say in sensationalist movie-poster-speak, “Tom Cruiseis Jack Reacher.” Except in this case, that should perhaps be amended to “Tom Cruise is only kind of Jack Reacher.” The straight-laced megastar is, frankly, miscast as our eponymous hero, an ex-military policeman turned vigilante/detective who lives off the grid.

The hot female superstars of the ’90s (Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan and Demi Moore) no longer headline blockbusters, and their replacements (Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley) are much younger.

Other than Angelina Jolie, who is 39, there aren’t many actresses in their 30s who can carry a movie.

But Fincher, who prefers to cast less-famous actresses (think Rooney Mara in “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”), hand-picked Pike to walk in Amy’s shoes.

The movie-star business could use a fresh force like Pike.

Certified Fresh Movies and TV shows are Certified Fresh with a steady Tomatometer of 75% or higher after a set amount of reviews (80 for wide-release movies, 40 for limited-release movies, 20 for TV shows), including 5 reviews from Top Critics. Reacher knows that no two opponents are created equal.

He knows this shooter-a trained military sniper who never should have missed a shot.

These days, the lamentations of the devoted are as expected as they are usually unfounded, but in this case they have a point.

While Cruise smolders for justice and dispatches bad guys with equal amounts of conviction, there are approximately zero lines of a hard life etched on his face; there is no hint of the horrors of the war in Iraq in his eyes.

“Amy has many sides to her, and Rosamund was able to really show one emotion to the next,” says Flynn, who also adapted the screenplay.

“It’s a pretty thrilling and frightening talent.” Fincher knew the challenge in casting Amy was that she’s hard to grasp.

And Reacher knows that the only way to take him down is to match his ruthlessness and cunning-and then beat him shot for shot.


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