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But before diving into the juicy stuff, I have a confession to make, being a man of integrity and what not, I feel it's my duty to admit that we gay men don't really corner the market on gay sex positions.We are simply very talented at naming and performing the positions — .

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Yes, we gay men are quite proud to be known as the "Lewis and Clark" of sexual exploration/creation of new gay sex positions.

However, a few of these we take no credit for, other than credit for fully enjoying these positions to their fullest.

But, give your partner a break, especially if they're on top; it's pretty demanding up there. This involves the receiver flat on stomach, a silk covered pillow (of course) under his groin area, butt in an elevated position with the pitcher flat out on top, pumping away.

The silk pillow is extra stimulating for the receiver ... Side Doggie/Missionary This is always a debate at my wine and cheese parties: Is it doggie or missionary if you're lying on your sides, back to chest? It's hot just having skin-to-skin contact and gives the pitcher easy access to the receivers chest, penis, legs, hair, and face — wherever they want to explore.

Once inserted, it's time for the receiver to make it work by creating all the thrust and momentum.

Related: 7 Sex Positions To Dominate The HELL Out Of Your Partner 6." thus suffocating or choking his partner with his member.A variation for the week-legged is to rest on your knees on either side of your partner's head.It's time to turn up the heat, pull back the sheets, and drop the drawers for a somewhat comprehensive guide to gay sex positions. However, for rich love making, don't let the time you caught your parents scar you from enjoying the intimacy that comes with missionary.2.These gay sex positions will shock, entertain, and hopefully make you salivate.1. Hot Diggity Doggie If you've haven't seen a dog humping another dog then you've been living under a rock. The doggy style position is great for a good, hard, fast thrusting, the "Catcher" is on hands and knees, backside to their partner's penis, and away you thrust.Knee Up, Knee Up, Keep It Up If you've never had your booty exposed, just know this gay sex position is about maximum exposure. The receiver lays down on a couch (bed floor, table, and hood of a car ...


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