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Scully: I thought you wwere taking the weekend off to do your laundry. Boyle: Thing is, it's so hard to talk at work because there's no privacy. Gina: Sounds like you two have a wonderful lesbian vacation planned.

We're taking a couple's cooking class and there's this great antiques fair.

Sergeant Jeffords: You don't know what you're saying.

Captain Holt: I had no idea you were living like this.

Sergeant Jeffords: I'm working on spending time with my family.

Marsha Gordon, Co-Chair, President/CEO, The Business Council of Westchester Carolyn Cunningham, Federated Conservationists of Westchester Hon.

Drew Fixell, Mayor, Village of Tarrytown Cheryl Winter Lewy, Chair, County Planning Board Ross Pepe, President, Construction Industry Council Robert Weinberg, President, Robert Martin Company Rockland County: Hon.

The county executives asked the taskforce to identify ways in which these objectives can be accomplished.

With the assistance of the Westchester County Department of Planning, the Task Force produced a Power Point presentation highlighting the importance of the Tappan Zee Bridge/I-287 Corridor Project titled "A New Vision: It's Up to Us." View the presentation Taskforce members Westchester County: Dr.In recognition of the importance of the Hudson River crossing and the I-287 corridor, then Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano and Rockland County Executive C.Scott Vanderhoef agreed to establish an inter-county taskforce comprised of key members of the public and private sectors, representing land use, environmental, economic, business and development interests, who share a common concern about the future of Westchester and Rockland counties and the region at large. We're not allowed to wear anything that protects our breasts. I'm severely sleep deprived and I'm way behind on laundry. Jake: Because I'm not married and I don't have kids, right? I sprained my wrist in college playing field hockey.


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  2. Rather than following protocol and reporting Johnny to the authorities, Dr.

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