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On the other hand, of course, it's good while it lasts."Three of Hearts" celebrates that goodness and makes it fun viewing for the whole family -- or at least Mom, Dad and Dad. T March 1, 2007 Doris Toumarkine Film Journal International It had to happen: the documentary as mesmerizing reality show and juicy soap opera combined with enough relevance, skillful storytelling, polish and compelling subjects to make it big-screen-worthy.December 2, 2005 | Rating: 3/4 John Mc Murtrie San Francisco Chronicle Top Critic An often tender and revealing documentary. She's young, attractive and bright and has no qualms about sharing a bed with two men (quite the opposite).

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Determining paternity provides for some of the film's humor: "Well, you know, if there's no hair, we know who it is," Samantha cracks, teasing Sam about his bald pate.

The issue has its more serious side, as the three discover that there can be, legally speaking, only two parents. Samantha's parents believe their daughter to be married to Sam -- until the day Steven accidentally answers a phone that's reserved for calls from -- don't pick that up! Susan Kaplan's simply told film captures the everyday joys shared by Sam, Samantha and Steven (but some of the cheesy scoring doesn't help).

It was quite the spectacle as the audiences jaws dropped to the floor amazed by the level of stage presence and comfort displayed by Mackenzie.

Maybe, its Mackenzie’s successful career as a male model that has molded him into such a natural in the spotlight, or maybe he just really feels comfortable in fetish wear.

My producers, editor and I are grateful for that because our hope was always to provoke conversation.

We believe the real story starts when the end credits begin and people go home to talk about themselves, identity, family, love, and sexuality.

Sam, an outgoing Italian-American, and Steven, a nice Jewish boy, meet while still young, fall in love and become another New York gay couple, it would seem.

But soon, prodded by Sam, they agree that bringing a female into the relationship and household would be a good thing.

The three complement one another in character, and even though they work together at their own wellness center, they don't seem to fight 33 percent more than your average American couple.


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  5. However, transgender people usually remain as attached to loved ones after transition as they were before transition.

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