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Over the next five days, we’re going to take a look at what we lose when we get lost in the chase for efficiency.We’ll explore the ways it’s changing the games we love to watch.

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As of July 2016, any Twitter user can easily request verification through the website’s help center, and so the blue badge and white checkmark that accompany verified handles are no longer the rare social currency they once were.

Twitter verified a Diplo parody account, for whatever it’s worth.

"We're taking away that initial first judgment on looks," Smith says, "and we're bringing personality to the foreground." Smith has come to believe that the key to a user’s personality is their tweets.

On July 25, Loveflutter launched Blue, a paid subscription tier for verified Twitter users to flirt exclusively among themselves.

(The digital media conglomerate IAC, based in New York, owns Ok Cupid, Tinder, and ) Of course, before any of these websites existed, there were newspaper personal ads: all text, no photos. As the dating app economy has diversified, the angst of decision-making has intensified.

It's difficult enough to find the perfect match in any case, and online dating now means you have to choose the perfect app first.

In the launch announcement, Loveflutter bills Blue as an app that will enable users to "date celebrities discreetly." It’s important to note that less than 50 percent of Twitter’s more than 190,000 verified users are actors, athletes, musicians, and other entertainers; the rest are political entities, corporate brands, and all sorts of other, presumably less sexy accounts.

Twitter verifications ostensibly lend some measure of assurance to users of Blue, which advertises itself as "the safest dating community ever." They aren’t totally exclusive, though.

The single biggest community represented among verified Twitter users isn’t celebrities, but rather journalists—who often date among themselves, but who generally responded to news of Blue with a mix of mockery and dread.

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