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In business, Skype has not only significantly reduced the cost of doing business, but also has changed the way companies hire new employees.

Certainly, the Skype interview doesn't replace face-to-face interviews, but it allows people to get a much better feel for their potential colleagues early on in the process.

I've held a dozen Skype interviews in the last month alone.

If your employer decides to do voice instead of video, your profile image will be front and center for the duration of the interview. 3) Acedia: Don't mess up your prime time moment (For those of you who are not up on your deadly sins, acedia is a little known sin of neglecting to take care of something that one should do.) Treat your Skype interview like you are preparing for your television debut, where you are the director, producer and the star. One candidate I interviewed wore sweatpants and an XXL t-shirt. her time, but in an interview, I don't want to be imagining her getting out of bed, but rather getting into the office.

You are responsible for making sure that logistically, everything is right. It doesn't matter what the local time is -- you should always be dressed for 9 a.m. 4) Sloth: Read past the wiki Everyone says to "do your research on the company." Too often, this means candidates have only read the company's Wikipedia entry.

Judge Ian Lawrie QC passed an extended sentence on Forbes, meaning he will serve at least two-thirds of an eight-year sentence before he can be released and will spend another eight years on licence.

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