Unhandled exception updating pc time not updating

Try this pro-grade uninstall [email protected] macpaw.7eer.net/c/376211/297731/1733 to do a clean uninstall of Quicken. o=U&video_id=gc Ji W10WASU Fix error code 0x800B010F*

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It looks like this: I can refresh my list without a problem as long as there are no new items.

If I add a new item to my list and refresh using this method my application throws an exception in when I scroll down to look at the new item.

Internal Real Call(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 num Args) vid System.

Try Catch When(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 num Args, Delegate catch Handler) vid System.

Run(Execution Context execution Context, Context Callback callback, Object state) vid System. When I restart the application the new item that I added is there and everything seems normal. Its obvious that it has to do with the datagrid from the stacktrace, but Im having a really hard time pinning down what its not liking about my code. I at the same time cannot understand why it couldnt just tell me in a more informative way. Without seeing more of the code I can't be sure but I assume Orders is your Observable Collection?

Thread Start() If I instead recreate the Observable Collection and ICollection View everything works. Just a bug and while I can sort of understand why it became such a problem to the framework having a null object in the collection.

Restore Attached Item Value(Dependency Object object With Property, Dependency Property property) vid System.

Sync Properties(Boolean force Prepare Cells) vid System.

Subclass Wnd Proc(Int Ptr hwnd, Int32 msg, Int Ptr w Param, Int Ptr l Param) vid MS.


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