United states dating customs

” Have standards plummeted to the point where the amygdala takes over and eliminates inhibitions in the name of chasing tail?

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She’ll be shady and two-faced so that she can conceal these problems at the start of the relationship, and once the man finds out, the relationship he is in is more of a dire situation than he ever anticipated.

Then there are men who have no pride, no standards and no shame, so they will date and screw anything with a pulse.

But there is a high probability that the relationship won’t last because again, with the abundant dating choices women have in the U. Whether or not he walks on eggshells in the relationship, she will most likely become bored for the silliest reasons and leave him, but not before she’s gotten some free dinners or cleaned out his bank account and everything he earned after a divorce from a marriage that lasted two years or less.

In the more likely scenario that a man lands a date with a marginally attractive or average woman, he has lowered his standards because he has given in to the American standard for dating and relationships, or he has become so sexually frustrated, that he has resorted to desperation for the sake of getting laid.

Even in the rare case that an attractive American woman without baggage is single, strange as that may seem, she is not single for long.

Hence, the window of opportunity is very small for merely approaching her and asking her for a phone number.

That may seem depressing, but actually, when I think of the last American woman I dated, I am reminded of why I don’t date stateside anymore. The result is a dating scene that is a completely agonizing experience for men.

The last American woman I dated was full of games, spitefulness, numerous issues and went from zero to f*ck off in ten seconds. This is the case because women have beyond plentiful dating options in America.

Even if you’re a man successfully getting a phone number, chances are it will be bogus or she will purposely screen her calls just to play head games or because she subscribes to the fact that you are a creep by association.

You’ll still have to treat getting a number like buying a gun; there has to be a waiting period until that first call, because showing too much interest is characteristic of a psychopath in her eyes.

When the aforementioned scenarios do not occur, men are subject to the most nightmarish, Twilight Zone-type dating endeavors and experiences.


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