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As a photo studio these pricing models are really crippling me.

updating a pirated copy of photoshop-89

The jump to a subscription model is treating the company VERY well.

This marks yet another high point for Adobe, which previously posted record revenue during its second fiscal quarter ending in June 2017.

Although I prefer using LR (apart from the slowness) I get better results from Capture One. Capture One does require a little extra effort but the results are worthwhile.

For a start it is faster, no modules, when you get to understand what you can do with colour selection masks there is no going back. If you are a Sony user you can get the Pro version for £50 (perpetual and stand alone).

It's really a shame the went to being totally web based.

They're making money simply be people getting a free starter month with their new device and then forgetting to unsubscribe. Nobody has a gun pointed to their heads being forced to continue using Adobe products after the free trial expires.

I explain it: Before CC they need to improve every release fo force you to buy that release; now, they don't need to improve it because you are renting, so you are always paying every month to use it.

Obviously they make some cosmetics changes but nothing really important. When the rivals get better, Adobe will need to improve that product, not before.

I was right not to buy into digital for my professional work.

There were a few rough patches along the way but my informal professional network kept me going.

That won't change until some other program poses a real threat. The reason they're making more money is because fewer people (like me) are using pirated SW. I've only ever paid for the service since they changed to the subscription the looks of these numbers obviously I'm not alone.


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