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I mean you use bats in baseball.” ‘And naming a cat ‘baseball’ is a bit harsh’, he mumbled to himself. The next thing he saw was a truck colliding with his brother and blood. And when the initial shock wore off to the extent he could hear again, he heard the screams and calls for an ambulance. ‘It was his throwing hand too’, Ichimatsu found himself chocking. Ichimatsu wiped the blood off his brother’s brow before it could get into his eyes. It calmed the brothers down a bit as they all sat around the lonely bed. Now sit down, give me my food and tell me how the things are at home. ” Ichimatsu is greeted by Jyushi’s doctor when he arrives to the room.

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It wasn’t like the rest of the brothers financially supported Ichimatsu’s hobby. “But sleepy.” Ichimatsu had to come up with a plan to keep his brother alert or he was going to faint before the ambulance would arrive, “Hey Jyushi, do you remember what vegetables we bought? At that moment something clicked inside Ichi’s mind. Looking at Ichimatsu’s reaction, it was going to be pretty gruesome.

He had bought the treats with his own pocket money and was going to use them however he pleased. ” Jyushi’s voice was getting even harder to understand and the confusion was clear in his expression. You’re the one hurt here”, he didn’t want to go into too much detail. I was thinking of making hotpot for tonight but I can’t remember if we have enough ingredients.” It was a farfetched idea but it got Jyushi’s eyes open, “Carrots and a cu-cucumber. ” “Yes, we did buy those”, Ichimatsu hoped the ambulance would be there already. He hadn’t told the rest of the sixtruplets anything yet. Surprisingly, Ichimatsu was the one to open the door.

“T-Then, I’ll ask the guys at the shelter”, Ichimatsu suddenly whispered from his seat. He worked at a local shelter for cats, dogs and other domesticated animals. Osomatsu had ordered him to speak to his older brother. The Matsuno brothers had tried cheering up their brother for weeks. The two had grabbed the captain, the one who hit the ball, and dragged him all the way behind the school. He could be found in the local hospital’s intensive care the following day. We’ll come and watch you play after you’ve healed, okay? The black cat Jyushi had rescued, Batter, had also reappeared.

After the third week, Jyushi was suddenly just, well, okay again. The ambulance arrived and took the brothers, all of them, to the hospital. He had to get used to the lazy eye and the shouts from his classmates. It had been begging for more food at their door step when Ichi had been leaving. The accident was an accident, it was neither Ichimatsu’s nor the cat’s fault. Batter had actually ended up followed Ichi all the way to the hospital. He’s way too modest with you.” “All in all, you brothers are a handful” Osomatsu yawned, “We’re getting there though.

” Jyushi had been adamant on doing the paying and Ichi had been more than happy to let him handle it. It was a wrestle to get the older brother off the patient. All they could do is wait for the doctor to come tell them how the operation went.

The Matsuno brothers’ parents had gone to a month-long trip off to ‘anywhere else but Japan’ as they had said and left the six to fend for themselves. They needed a vacation after looking after their sons when they all got simultaneously sick about a week ago. ” Ichi asked his brother while petting the cat, mumbling sweet nonsenses to it. They tried to get him to lay down but he wouldn’t budge from his brother’s side. His skin was getting paler by the minute and the paramedics were shouting to each other to hurry up. A couple beeps later the oldest brother picked up, “What is it Ichimatsu? Have faith brothers.” “What I’m saying is that the brain damage could change your brother’s personality”, the doctor continued, “Why Jyushimatsu? “Come on, let’s go”, Osomatsu said, leading the group to the hospital room’s door.

” Ichimatsu asks his younger brother as they’re walking home from the local mall. They’d draw a pair of brothers to do go grocery shopping together, and this week the pair just happened to be the fourth brother, Ichimatsu and the fifth, Jyushimatsu. ” was the merry response from the younger, who was swinging his two grocery bags around like crazy. ” “Okay, thanks.” “You think mom and dad are doing grocery shopping too? Well, nothing out of the usual coming from Jyushi, though. ” Jyushi exclaimed, “It’s hungry.” “Didn’t you have the treats in your bag? They gave Ichimatsu an orange blanket he didn’t notice. He just kept staring at his little brother who looked so fragile on the stretcher. We don’t know how that will affect him when he wakes up.” It was Karamatsu’s turn to butt in, “Jyushimatsu is Jyushimatsu he’ll be back to his cheery self in no time. “If you want to go and see him he is in the room number 050”, the doctor said before turning away.

It wasn’t like he was interested in social interaction or anything. ” and to make it clear Jyushi actually dug up the cash from somewhere deep in his sleeves, “Here! His brother had closed his eyes and his head lulled on his brother’s knees. In the end they decided to take him to the ambulance too, since he was in a shock. ” Ichimatsu screamed to the speaker, “There was this black cat, Batter. The doctor had told Ichimatsu his brother had not only lost blood but also had some inside his skull. It was late evening when the doctor finally came to the brothers sitting on the uncomfortable hospital chairs, “The good news is that your brother is out of the surgery. The bad news is that he is currently in a coma and we have no idea when he will wake up and how he’ll be afterwards.” “What do you mean ‘how he’ll be’? The doctor remained as stoic as ever, “Your brother had bleeding in his brain.

Todomatsu had actually trained with his brother when they were younger. But things usually went awry when the friend didn’t like one of the brothers. After a long evening of testing the eye, the doctor’s diagnosis was nerve damage. They began thinking how hard it’d be for him to get a job in the future. It was fun to hear their brother’s take on everything. Totty, with some help from Karamatsu, had made an eye patch for him. Ichi’s hoodie moved, “They said no cats in hospitals but I think they can make an exception. Oh well”, Osomatsu scratched the cat under its chin. As you might already know, I and Karamatsu got ourselves part-time jobs at a construction site. I’ll make sure he takes only one shift for tomorrow. Flappymatsu, sorry, I mean Choromatsu made some research on the possible treatments. ” Osomatsu looks puzzled for a split second, “Ohh, those?

He’d be the one to throw the ball and Jyushi would hit a homerun. It was a welcome change to the brothers’ hectic school days. The brothers kept together, meaning that friend wouldn’t hang out with them anymore. I thought I’d have a heart attack when I saw you on the ground! He told them Jyushi would have a lazy eye, probably for the rest of his life. They also thought how the rest of the school would get a new reason to bully their brother. After returning home, the brothers had a party for Jyushi’s win. To help prevent any unnecessary attention and to give Jyushi some more time with the eye. The eye would stay at its usual place as long as Jyushimatsu didn’t get too excited or anxious. ” Todomatsu began chatting with his sleeping brother fixing his hair while doing so. This little guy just had to come and see you.” Ichimatsu lifted the hem of his hoodie and out came Batter, mewing loudly. Karamatsu will work for both of us.” “Lazyass.” “I’m honored. Go get some sleep.” Karamatsu began dragging his brother away. You can stay for this night but I’ll take you with me when I leave. ” The cat curled up on his brother’s feet more comfortably, ready for a long night. Osomatsu told Jyushi how his brothers had found his secret porn stack. The one next to the udon shop.” The boss was a pain of course, bossy and smelled like tobacco. “Choromatsu told us he had ‘asked his friends’ for any open places. He needs sleep.” The nurse arrived to check on Jyushi before the night shift’s workers would arrive. He says we might be able to make the money for all of them. ” There was a long pause, “All you need to do now is to wake up. I brought my best ladies to keep Jyushi some company. Take care”, Osomatsu knew not to stay for any longer or he'd be dead. That annoying grin adoring Osomatsu’s face as he left told the whole story. ” Ichimatsu screamed after his brother who, accompanied by his ‘ladies’ and Batter, left the hospital building.

No, it got straight out mad scratching and growling after being lifted up. Following the cats retreating form Ichimatsu noticed, to his horror that the cat was heading straight towards a busy road. He hadn’t gotten any job in the over three years of him trying to get one. The rest of the brothers had agreed that Jyushi could pursue his baseball career, while the rest of the brothers would take care of the money. He’d just have to be his cheerful self and continue doing what he loves. He took a night shift with Osomatsu.” “Oh, gotta tell them not to overwork themselves.” “You too Totty.” “What? ” Ichimatsu asked, honestly curious of the doctor’s opinion.

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