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Copying a folder across contexts (between courses and users) is permitted, but the source and destination must belong to the same institution.If the source and destination folders are in the same context, the source folder may not contain the destination folder.However, its input file is initially set to allow all users to do all operations.

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This also destroys any previews that have been generated for the file.

Must have manage files and become other users permissions Given the full path to a folder, returns a list of all Folders in the path hierarchy, starting at the root folder, and ending at the requested folder.

A folder will be renamed at its destination if another folder with the same name already exists.

In Kubernetes, you must be authenticated (logged in) before your request can be authorized (granted permission to access).

The id of the submission the file is associated with.

Provide this argument to gain access to a file that has been submitted to an assignment (Canvas will verify that the file belongs to the submission and the calling user has rights to view the submission). If replace is set to true the file contents will be replaced with a generic “file has been removed” file.Only those with the “Manage Files” permission on a course or group can upload files to a folder in that course or group.Copy a folder (and its contents) from elsewhere in Canvas into a folder.This parameter only applies to new folders in a context that has folders, such as a user, a course, or a group.If this and parent_folder_id are sent an error will be returned.The given path is relative to the context's root folder and does not include the root folder's name (e.g., “course files”).

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