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If the payment method is a credit card, this option prompts the gateway to verify the card's number and expiration date.

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Specify a non-negative amount that you want to use to verify a card.

If you do not pass this option, the gateway will automatically use a verification amount of $0 or $1, depending on the processor and/or card type.

Under certain circumstances, you can pass a Plans must be created in the Control Panel.

Updating a plan only changes the association; we do not automatically change the price of the subscription.

You can only update to a plan with the same billing cycle; at this time we do not allow you to update from a yearly plan to a monthly plan and vice versa.

You can't edit the plan on a Merchants operating in the European Union must give customers 7 business days’ notice before changing the price of their recurring billing plan; 7 business days’ notice is also required before billing customers if it has been 6 months since their last payment.

To disable the CVV requirement: While it is possible to pass both raw card data and a payment method nonce in the same call, we recommend passing only a payment method nonce.

Passing both will result in a payment method that has a mix of their attributes, with precedence given to the fields individually, then to the attributes of the payment method nonce.

Many business users need it to run custom or legacy applications. It is because of these security holes and many others that Java must be updated frequently.

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