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Being Frugal Without Looking Poor by Debra Karplus - A lifestyle choice.

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Resolve to Be Productive In the New Year by Brianna Bell - Being more productive could put other goals within reach!

Reviving Your Financial New Year's Resolutions by Shaunna Privratsky - You may have fallen, but you can still get up!

Contentment Robbers by Deborah Taylor-Hough Miserly Musings by Pat Mestern My Story: On Being Poor by Darla B. by Pat Mestern return to the Library Subject Index My Story: Living Frugally - What this professional tells his clients. Just Trying to Save a Buck 10 Easy Ways To Ensure Financial Failure My Story: Frugal Myths Five Ways to Make Sure You'll Never Retire Reduce Financial Stress - 5 strategies to help you take charge of your finances Are You in Need of Financial Bypass Surgery?

Lost Opportunities - Could an economic theory improve your finances?

Slideshow: How to Reach Your Goals by Pam Hutzler - Tools to make it easier to achieve your goals.

Setting Monetary Goals by Chantal King - How to set and keep monetary goals My Story: Achieving Financial Goals contributed by Lachele - 10 ways to change your financial future.

New Year's Lessons by Tamara Wilhite - Why not start a program of continual self-improvement? The Key to a Successful Future by Doris Dobkins return to the Library Subject Index Delayed Gratification Could Make You a Millionaire by Debra Karplus - Knowing one secret could make the difference.

Setting Successful Goals Having a Plan - Could the key to success be so easy? 10 Things You Don't Want to Get Caught Doing In Your Closet by Shari Smith - Avoid these costly closet mistakes.

Homemade Weight Loss Shakes - Recipes for those meal replacement shakes.

Finding a Diet Plan That Works - Readers share their diet plan experiences.

My Story: The Positive Side of Tough Times contributed by Laurie - She's finding new ways to be happy. by Olivia Fox - Take this quiz and find out where you are in your frugal journey. My Story: Breaking the Shopping Habit Encouraging Words - When you're ready to throw in the financial towel Are We Having Fun Yet? Reasons Why People Over-Spend by Debra Vaughn - Wouldn't you like to know why you spend too much?

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