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(adapted from a ‘Writing Tip’ email I recently sent to work colleagues [Word 2007 environment]) *************** Bottom line: Before releasing your document, turn off Track Changes then update the Table of Contents, List of Tables, and List of Figures so that they reflect the current headings, captions, and page numbers.

Some recent questions from my authors have related to updating the Table of Contents (TOC), List of Tables (LOT), and List of Figures (LOF), common things that can go wrong when doing so, and how to fix them. You had Track Changes turned on when you updated the TOC.

It's easy, quick, and you don't need a lot of specialized knowledge.

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Doing so allows Word to quickly map each heading to its section.

Figure A shows a simple document and table of contents with the following styles: To generate the TOC, position the cursor, click the References tab, click Table of Contents in the Table of Contents group, and choose a format from the resulting gallery.

There are nine heading styles and the TOC, by default, will include three.

You can easily change this setting to include more or fewer.

option, you can format the way the table of contents will look: Choose a different style, hide page numbers, include more heading levels than the default three levels, and more.

If you choose instead to create a manual table of contents, Word will add dummy text to the table instead of using your headings, you'll have to manually type in each entry, and Word won't be able to update the table of contents for you--not very much fun. Once you've chosen one of the automatic tables of contents or the custom option, Word will create the table of contents for you.

Remember to do this before you finalize your document so the table of contents will be current.

The table of contents is a finishing touch on long documents, such as reports, manuals, or books.

Notice that the Galleries heading isn't included in the basic TOC; we'll discuss this omission later.


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