Utah dating on demand

Fox said that as he chased him, Harmon suddenly turned and pulled out a knife and threatened to stab him.

His office has to decide whether to file criminal charges by weighing whether the officer could reasonably fear being seriously injured or killed, Gill said.

Given the slowed-down version of video from the body camera worn by Fox and a second officer, the knife found at the scene and the relatively close distance between Harmon and Fox, Gill found that fear would have been reasonable, he said.

He was wielding the sword as part of a Japanese anime costume. 13, after an officer saw him ride his bicycle across all six lanes of traffic and a median on a downtown Salt Lake City street.

He was stopped because he didn't have a required red rear tail light on his bicycle, according to the district attorney's report.

Police say that Harmon gave 'a couple' of different names and eventually they found warrants for felonies including aggravated assault.

As they put him in handcuffs, Harmon pleaded with them not to take him to jail.

A polygamous, Mormon community in Utah is facing what has been labelled a “genetic disaster”.

Children born into the remote Utah community of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) are a million times more likely than the average person to develop a rare, debilitating genetic disorder, the BBC reports.

The FLDS community was founded in the 1930s, after both the Mormon church and the state of Utah outlawed taking multiple wives.

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