Validating and reconciling financial data au pair online dating

What is needed is an automated means for reconciling data between systems.But not just reconciling data in databases from system 1 to system 2.Data validation and reconciliation is a continual process that goes on within almost all organizations.

The time spent insuring accuracy of data and information is, unfortunately, time not spent on analysis to generate business revenue or activities more in line with the value stream of the company.

Tackling the inefficiencies of continual validation and reconciliation are an integral component of an effective Information Governance program.

Coming complete with its own MI (Management Information) tools and its own escalation work flow, the end-to-end reconciliation, reporting and remediation cycle is managed comprehensively and consistently in one place.

End-to-End Infogix data analysis interacts with information in real-time or batch, inside or outside of the business process, including your internal and third party data, which means we truly are analyzing your data end-to-end.

Reconciliations need to extend to derived information such as Net Income or Total Sales as found in data warehouse and countless reports.

Reconciliations must also extend to spreadsheets, which are so often the system of record for financial data.

While there are many automated reconciliation tools on the marketplace, it is rare to find an approach that is tightly integrated into an Information Governance framework.

Meta Governance uses the concept of registered governance stakeholder.

Organizational knowledge of registered governance stakeholder is part of the key set of information to effectively manage an organization’s information assets.

To be effective, any reconciliation engine needs to be tightly linked into the business rules (metadata) that provide clear visibility into which departments and people need to be aware of an issue found during ongoing data reconciliations.

Meta Governance utilizes a Reconciliation Control Framework® for the purpose of validating the consistency of data and information.

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