Validating spreadsheets

If you cannot show with documented test evidence that this is the case, then your regulators or auditors can stop you using your spreadsheets or worse still stop your operations until the situation is resolved.

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You can use data validation to restrict the type of data or the values that users enter into a cell.

One of the most common data validation uses is to create a drop-down list.

You can follow along, or create your own data validation scenarios.

Download Excel data validation examples Now, instead of typing your list values in the data validation Source box, you add the name that you just defined, preceded by an Equal (=) sign.

The same debaters might suggest that Excel will round up calculations, and has limitations as to its mathematical abilities. However it is very much up to the spreadsheet designer (and reviewer) to ensure that if number rounding is allowed; it does not meaningfully affect the accuracy of the spreadsheet calculations.

Similarly the same persons must validate that the formula calculation is within the capabilities of the Excel software design.

Just like any other software program the degree and scope of validation or qualification depends entirely on the risk or possibility that the application can affect product quality, efficacy or records.

Regulators expect you to be able to demonstrate that your spreadsheets are functioning correctly and consistently produce accurate data.

In twenty years working within the regulatory compliance side of the drug and device industries, if I was asked to single out the single most abuse process in use throughout these industries, I would have to nominate the design and use of spreadsheets.

Why does something as simple as a spreadsheet figure in so many regulatory citations?

The best thing about using a table is that as you add or remove items from your list, your data validation list will update automatically.


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