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Hi, I am looking for a generic way to validate all soap requests against the corresponding wsdl on the API Gateway.

validating xml against wsdl-60

Best QTAssistant (I am associated with it) provides an easy to use utility to extract XSDs from any-style WSDL (single or multiple file, internalized or externalized XSDs).

The prompt is pretty straightforward to follow, and provides a lot of flexibility in referencing offline WSDLs (local disk) or remote (HTTP/S).

I could write some utility to first process the WSDL and the response to determine which XSD to validate against, but I presumed this could be done as a one-liner using an established library!

Does anyone know of a relatively straightforward way to validate an XML document given a WSDL and multiple XSD's?

Of course you can add any number of SOAP Test Steps to a Test Case, chaining them as desired and transferring values between response and request messages with the Property-Transfer test step.

I've been looking around the net for a good few hours now, trying to find a simple way to validate a full SOAP message against a WSDL.

It would probably be a good idea to have this performed once on startup and then do the validation in a SOAPHandler.

//First create a document from the WSDL-source Document Builder db = Document Builder Instance() Document Builder(); Document wsdl Doc = Document(); Transformer Factory transformer Factory = Transformer Factory Instance(); Transformer transformer = transformer Transformer(); transformer.transform(wsdl Source, new DOMResult(wsdl Doc)); //Now get the schemas from the WSDL Node List schema Nodes = wsdl Elements By Tag Name NS( XMLConstants.

When creating a functional Test Case in soap UI, a very common scenario is that you want to call some SOAP/WSDL service and validate the response to check that the correct result is returned.


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