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To me, it means one very exciting thing: New wines to try!

Now that we are just getting our first taste of this year’s wines, I wanted to do a quick post about some of my favourite releases from 2015.

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I am not into extreme activities and I mostly like to plan activities and adventures ahead of time, but I do enjoy surprises very much.

My hobbies include art, chilling on the computer, hanging out with friends or my dog, bubble baths and wine, board & card games, and some video games when I have time. I have been to Mexico and California each only once and I plan on traveling a lot more.

So what does one write in order to stand out from the rest? Who the hell might as well sit back, hang on, and prepare for some laughter and good times. I guess you probably want to know more so don't say I didn't warn you. I love to clean (oh yes it's true ladies) or maybe it's just that I love a clean house. lol) I prefer walking, hiking, and biking but I also don't mind hitting the gym too. I don't think that just because I've been with someone for years that I shouldn't be doing the same things I did when I was wooing her. I would really love to go to the bars and clubs, I'm finally 19!

:) So I'll start off by telling you a little bit about myself. (Either way I don't mind switching the laundry over while we're in bed if I have to). In fact I should be doing more so to show her my love has only grown for her. I believe a woman should be treated like gold and I put my whole heart into it. It just means I don't mind flexing it and showing my softer side. I love the friends that I have, which is why I'm not quite in to making very many new ones, but I have decided to give this site a try! The only problem is that I need to have someone to share this new experience with.

Okay, okay it'll probably be a lot about myself but how are you supposed to know whether to write me or not if I don't. I'm very optimistic but not unrealistically (there's nothing wrong with seeing the glass as completely there? If you're the romancer, well um, I can definitely handle that too. I use to like writing, but I actually haven't had much time recently. But with me if you want to know if what you're wearing is ugly.... I'm new to most experiences, so I haven't quite come out to the world yet.

:) I'm told I'm intelligent (gosh do I have them fooled lol), sweet, funny, and a great catch. I hope to take up a creative writing course again one day. Since I cant go on the computer everyday or use the "chat" on here...

I also love a good book, my favorite genres being fiction and fantasy. I will be planning something in September for sure! ** Just a heads up that I work frequently and don’t always have time to respond right away. I am someone who enjoys life and all it has to offer.

I'm caring, loyal and have been told I have a great sense of humor. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, camping fishing, hiking, going out to the movies or staying in on the couch cuddling. I am hardworking and currently working and going to University. I like to be healthy ( most of the time) set goals and accomplish them. I have a bulldog furbaby, she skimboards ( no big deal) but is a big part of my day to day life.

I hope to meet someone who wants to enjoy life, is caring, affectionate and doesn't sweat the small stuff as life is short! I enjoy doing pretty much anything, I will try almost everything at least once( except bungy jumping and cream corn).

I moved to nanaimo very recently to do my Ba Sc majoring in biology. A brat that will do anything to make a woman smile and laugh. Not because I need to but because you never know of a career change plus I love to learn new things.

Cherry Point – 2012 Estate Pinot Noir Also one of Vancouver Island’s first 5 wineries, Cherry Point tends to produce wines that are very different in style from the rest of the region.


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