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When you’re a gentleman it’s not hard to live happily ever after on The League.FACTS: GENTLEMEN OUTPERFORM DOUCH-BAGS ON DATING APPS!

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When on a date he will keep his phone face-down and won’t glance at his Apple watch.

Sure, he may offer to foot the bill, but will not feel threatened when his date offers to split the bill instead.

Afterall, not only is consent sexy– it’s mandatory!

A LEAGUE GENTLEMAN IS OPEN-MINDED: He strives to learn and is open to new ideas.

After 3 dates is where it gets messy and people get their feelings hurt, but before 3 dates not texting is a pretty obvious signal that you’re not interested.

A good rule of thumb is if you’ve gone on 3-7 dates it’s nice to give the person closure and send something along the lines of: “Hey, you’re an awesome person, but I’m not sure we’re the right fit etc.” By this point you’ve probably shared a combined 6-10 hours with this person, so definitely let them know it’s a no-go! Everyone is evaluating different things in typically, a very disorganized fashion.

A LEAGUE GENTLEMAN HAS HIGH STANDARDS: A gentleman expects a high standard of quality, value, and functionality like his Chase Sapphire or a craft IPA.

He values the League community and League mission and seldom swipes through Timble as he’s tired of being burned and stung by the perils of hook-up apps!

In The League’s opinion, ghosting is acceptable after one or two dates.

We’re all busy and trying to juggle dating and matching with someone with 1,000 other things that go on in our daily life.

But, before you run away in horror from this seemingly spooky dating practice, or even worse send a strongly worded text to the hottie who ghosted after 3 dates, here are our pro-tips to ghosting (yes, it can be socially acceptable sometimes) and being ghosted: Ghosting, submarining, benching, flaking, however, you want to spin it, the way we like to think of it, simply put, is to recognize the wind down. If it’s waning then it’s a good signal that the other person is just not that interested in you, or maybe more interested in someone else at that time.


  1. It is the text message equivalent of being hung up on. The Cineplexer: It is never OK to text during a movie.

  2. If you are single and looking for someone, then this may be your best and most exciting option!

  3. Unfortunately, statistics around interracial relationships tend to ignore Indigenous people, so it is difficult to get a real grasp on the prevalence.

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