Virgo and cancer dating

VIRGO also tends to be more giving, and may get into the role of assistant or “servant” to ARIES.

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You are both very practical people and you work effectively as partners, in work or in marriage.

You can build a rich and rewarding life together, for you are able to completely devote yourselves to one another (and your children if you have any).

Honesty and a desire for the unadorned truth are virtues you both possess and value, though VIRGO takes ARIES’s honest criticism better than ARIES takes VIRGO’s.

Some very basic differences in your makeup can make you uncomfortable with each other at times: ARIES tends to throw caution to the wind, while VIRGO worries a great deal if all details are not taken care of first.

LIBRA is very accepting of different points of view and is disinclined to judge or even clearly evaluate what others say.

VIRGO, on the other hand, loves to analyze and criticize, and is intolerant of illogical or erroneous thinking.

TAURUS is steadier emotionally than VIRGO is, and VIRGO appreciates TAURUS’s consistent nurturing, healing, and soothing qualities.

You share a great interest in food; VIRGO is especially concerned with nutrition and is somewhat fastidious, while TAURUS just thoroughly enjoys it! Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below) The two of you are both intellectual creatures, more rational than emotional, and you have a good mental rapport.

VIRGO can suddenly become irritated and irascible over minor annoyances, and at such times, is capable of intense sarcasm and criticism, which can be extremely disconcerting to CANCER’s tender, sensitive feelings.

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