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They thought they were chatting with a ten-year-old girl.

Whether that is punishable by law depends on the country, Leiden legal experts conclude.

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The chatbots registered more than 20,000 webcam conversations, the details of which were passed on to Europol.

The images recorded show men masturbating during the chats.

Once the Filipino avatars went online, they were approached by men throughout the world, 71 countries in total.

The Philippines is well-known for offering child prostitution.

5) No impersonating other members Changing your chat name or creating an account to impersonate other members is considered a form of harassment and is prohibited.

Seven years ago I sat with my friend in her dining room meeting strangers on Habbo Hotel.

There is no complete overview of the arrests because it is not standard practice for the national police authorities to report back to the researchers.

Leiden and Tilburg legal experts examined the situation in 18 countries to see whether webcam sex with a virtual girl can actually be punishable by law.

Retamil Chat supports the principles of free speech.


  1. Last year alone my membership sites brought in over £108,000 (around 2,000).

  2. He also captured the doubles title teaming up with German Tommy Haas, making it his first time to win the singles and doubles titles at the same tournament.

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